My Projects

Burger Advisor

Rate a burger

My latest Project. Rating of the best burgers in Sweden. Website, Android & Ios app, Facebook & Insta accounts. 

The Frejemyr Project

Irish pubs in New York

I have mada an app that shows all irish pubs in New York. And also best burger and pizza places.  

Arcade machines

Home made

I have built 2 arcade machines. One full size from 2004 and one table model from 2017. Both fully operational.

Beer Brewery

Making my own beer

I have made one batch of lager. But I am waiting for my all automatic brewing machine. Been waiting for 3 years now, it is a Kickstarter funding project. To be continued... 

What more?


The past last years I have bought cheap broken scooters that I try to fix and sell. Sometimes all goes well....sometimes not. But kind of fun...


Having a house is a project. Always something that needs to be fixed or improved.


What does the future hold? I am open for new projects. I love everything tech!